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What this blog is about.

This blog is about politics and history; contemporary politics, because I believe that this country is moving towards authoritarianism faster than Bambi on skates on a frozen pond, and I don’t like it. I believe the media does not call this government to account, and I detest the “feuilletonism” – in Hesse’s sense of writing having a predominantly either trivialising or obfuscating character – of much of the news in British daily papers. I don’t like the fact that media focus on fluff, smut and trivia is used to derail people’s attention from the systematic erosion of their democracy by organisations which have a vested interest in stripping that democracy from them. 

The history is mostly relevant to the politics, and seeks to clarify the origins of neoliberal and right-wing thinking today. It also reflects on the imperialist attitudes which have led us to this disastrous Brexit, and how the global links which shaped Britain in the past are misrepresented today to further a right-wing agenda.

Who I am.
I’m an ordinary person who likes analysis and synthesis – that’s why I write. I’m also not right-wing, and I don’t like racists or xenophobes, so if that’s you, walk away now. I can tell already that we won’t get on. If you use the word “woke” as a pejorative, you’ll really hate me, so do save yourself the trouble of suffering from an excess of spleen.

Why I use a pen name.
I use a pen name because my family asked me to. I have a nervous family. Over-protective, even. Perhaps when they see I’m not going to get trolled by idiots, they’ll relax a bit.

What you’ll find here.
A detailed, referenced, thorough and analytical update on the important and relevant political and economic (macro, not microeconomic) UK news most weekdays in the year. There’ll be coverage of significant European or world news too, when relevant. No celebrity stuff, no royalty, no fluff. It won’t always be headline news, because, regrettably, the media doesn’t always focus on what’s important, particularly if it doesn’t suit that media outlet’s political bent. (In some cases, very bent.) If you subscribe for history as well, it’ll be about three big articles a month – a fairly eclectic mix.

What you won’t find.
Adverts of any sort – I loathe them – or affiliate links, or flashy videos or spam. I won’t sell your details. I hate it when people do that to me: why would I do it to you?

What about anything else?
Expect the usual liberal sensibilities here and you won’t be wrong. I will be civil to you, and I expect civil discourse from you.

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“Disk of Enheduanna” by Zunkir is licensed under CC BY 4.0